Gidon Ernst

Postdoc Fellow at the University of Melbourne
Email: gidonernst (*)

I’m a computer science researcher working with logic and formal methods towards more reliable software and systems. You can find my universiy website here.


Projects & Software


information flow security | hybrid system falsification | theorem proving | shape analysis
Flashix verified file system | Takatuka JVM


Ulang is a small un(i)typed functional programming language based on tagged values and pattern matching. It’s a hobby project to prototype some ideas and as such it is in early stages of development.


Arse is a small parser combinator library written in Scala. It depends on bk, a tiny library for non-local goto; and tst, a tiny library for unit test specifications. Furthermore, you will need Li Haoyi’s neat sourcecode library.

In contrast to more featureful and performant packages such as fastparse and parseback, and the older (and slow) Scala parser combinators it aims to be minimal, easy to use, and have concise grammar specifications in Scala. The library parses from strings and supports implicit whitespace, regular expressions, ordered choice, and mixfix operators with precedence. Examples: minimal and Ulang expressions.


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